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Although pre-construction condos are often a great investment, it can be challenging to get your money out early if your financial circumstances change. If your property has enough equity, One Day Assignment will purchase your pre-construction condo within one day of your request, allowing you to free up cash fast!

I’m a Toronto Real Estate Broker and Co-Founder of, I’ve been investing in real estate assets for over 15+ years and have developed a strategy that I personally use and apply to all my clients for the purpose of accumulating large portfolios of cash-flowing properties.

I love Toronto and what this city has to offer and I want to help you find your perfect home or investment property.

I am the founding member of Insider Condo Club, at The Condo Store Realty Inc. in Toronto, and I’m passionate about Toronto real estate and love helping people make great decisions.

I try to do my best for everyone I work with by acting with honesty and integrity. I measure my success in terms of your happiness and while that’s different for everyone having an advisor committed to your interests is fundamental.

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How much is my pre-construction condo worth?

The value of pre-construction is typically determined by looking at the current pricing of assignment units trading the building, new construction sale prices of newer resale units in the surrounding area. Typically pre-construction condos closer to completion are more attractive to end-users who are prepared to pay a greater premium over the initial contract.

How do I get out of my pre-construction condo?

In order to get out of your pre-construction condo you can assign the unit to another buyer with the consent of the developer. In many cases there are restrictions on how you can market the property, In most cases you are not allowed to list it on MLS. You can sell it quickly to an assignment buy investors like One Day Assignment or you can try and find your own buyer. It is important to make sure that you are within the development guidelines set-out in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale or else you can void the agreement and lose your deposit.

Will I lose my pre-construction deposits?

Assigning a condo will typically have the Buyer (assignee) replace the Seller’s (assignor’s) deposit and have it credit to them as part of the deal. Profits may be realized at the time of assignment but most commonly the majority will come at final close.

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As seasoned real estate investors, we understand that things don't always go as planned. Sometimes, people's financial situation changes, and what you once thought was a long-term investment, has to be liquidated as soon as possible. We started One Day Assignments with exactly that in mind, and created a simple solution for anyone in Ontario to liquidate their pre-construction investment in the quickest manner possible.

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